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Since 1992, Au-TOMOTIVE GOLD, INC, has been manufacturing and distributing the finest automotive accessories available. Like the unique spelling of our name, which is derived from the scientific symbol for gold (Au), our approach to manufacturing quality automotive accessories is unique in the industry. Products that bear the Au-MOTIVE GOLD name have been manufactured to meet our stringent quality control standards for finish, fit and appearance.

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Consumers spend a great deal of time and money personalizing their vehicles to fit their taste and needs. Au-MOTIVE GOLD products are designed for the discerning owner who appreciates high caliber products which enhance the appearance of their vehicle. Offering Au-TOMOTIVE GOLD products communicates to your customers that you value superior products from quality manufacturers. Attention to detail goes into every aspect of the production process, even our packaging is designed to show product to its best advantage and to stimulate impulse buying decisions. When prominently displayed, AG accessories sell themselves and generate dollar profits for your business. Take advantage of this opportunity to generate more accessory sales with aftermarket products from Au-TOMOTIVE GOLD – where quality is the rule, not the exception.