Driver Mods - OBDII/Programmers/Tuners

Performance/Engine/Drivetrain - OBDII/Programmers/Tuners
By utilizing your vehicle's existing engine control unit analysis and reporting system, Computer Programmers / Tuners / Modules can utilized in several ways. The On-board Diagnostics (OBD) can be a great way to monitor, tweak, and configure your car the way you want it to drive - the high performance way! Here's some of the aftermarket tweaking features that these devices offer:
  • Read & Clear DTCs  - direct access to your engine control unit reporting and system diagnostics
  • Use Real-time monitoring to quickly and precisely identify engine malfunctions and errors
  • Analyze engine system configurations and graph data to accurate monitor/adjust tunings
  • Remove or modify engine restrictions and configurations limiting vehicle speed (governor), fuel efficiency, gear ratios, and more
  • Confirm success of emissions based on your vehicle’s registered state