Doctor iCarsoft can Read, Analyze and Clear Your Vehicle’s ECU Diagnostics!

icarsoft ECU Engine Diagnostic Scanner and TunerJust like their owners, all cars will get sick one day – spit out an error via the engine light or another sensor warning - and you are stuck wondering if it’s a false alarm or the full blown auto-flu (for example: transmission or emission’s systems replacement). Maybe you already heard the odd knocking sound coming from your transmission, felt your steering start to do a hard lean, or can’t help but notice that your exhaust is thicker and darker than usual.

Yes, your car too will need to see a doctor at some point and have its Engine Control Unit diagnostic’s reviewed for trouble codes and other performance parameter errors. Obviously you care about your car so you have 2 options:

A) Take it into the shop and hope you can trust the evaluation and recommendation??

OR -

B) Plug in your very own ECU Diagnostics Scanner from iCarsoft and get real-time engine control unit diagnostics and review the car’s health based on the reported Diagnostic Trouble Codes!!!

Shop iCarsoft ECU Diagnostic Programmers and Tools - Now on Driver Mods

From there, you could intelligently determine if a formal doctor’s / mechanic’s visit is truly necessary or if you are merely receiving false alarms. If it’s a false alarm, you can clear any reported Diagnostic Trouble Codes and shut off that pesky engine service light. On the other hand, if a serious event is occurring you’ll already have the codes, the exact mechanical error/failure names, and have a full history of when the errors started, how long they lasted, and when the last one occurred.

iCarsoft’s multi-system scannersicarsoft ECU Engine Diagnostic Scanner and Tuner - Smart Phone


Get Your Auto Parts Ph.D. and Diagnosis your Car's Health!

iCarsoft want’s to help you obtain your Engine and Control unit  by way of custom ECU scanners developed as single brand DIY code readers with multi-system capabilities.

Naturally, the Driver Mods team is thrilled at the potential for this engine diagnostic scanner’s ability to give you the specific trouble codes being logged and insight on what may or may not need to be replaced or touched by a professional auto mechanic.  

Coincidently, this is the same ECU scanner (likely) that your mechanic will use and iCarsoft wants to put it in your hands. 


On-board Diagnostics for Everyone!

One of the biggest reasons for iCarSoft’s development of a multi-system ECU scanner was to “to help car drivers around the world to solve 95% of their car problems by themselves” (as quoted on their website By utilizing the vehicles existing analysis and reporting system, the On-board Diagnostics (OBD), iCarsoft’s scanner allows the user to:

  • Read & Clear DTCs  - direct access to your engine control unit reporting and system diagnostics
  • Use Real-time monitoring to quickly and precisely identify engine malfunctions and errors
  • Help determine if any logged errors may be false alerts or if emergency attention is needed
  • Analyze engine system configurations and graph data to accurate monitor/adjust tunings
  • Confirm success of emissions based on your vehicle’s registered state
BELOW:  The image on the left shows iCarsoft’s reader module / control device for their i930 line (LandRover and Jaguar models) while the image on the right lists the standard diagnostic codes that can be reviewed and cleared.

              iCarsoft’s reader module / control device for their i930 line (LandRover and Jaguar models)icarsoft - standard diagnostic PID codes           

*For a full list of diagnostic codes please click to view our PDF Document containing the Standard Automotive On-board diagnostics Parameter IDs (according to current the SAE standard).






Diagnostic codes are literally your vehicle’s medical chart!

iCarsoft’s multi-system scanners offer the following diagnostic functions, analysis tools, and trouble code options:

  • Auto code reader
  • Vehicle monitoring scanner (for areas including:  engine,     transmission, ABS, airbags and
  • Auto diagnostic and analysis system
  • EPB tools
  • TPMS diagnosing system
  • Oil/service reset tool

 icarsoft ECU Engine Diagnostic Scanner and Tuner

  • Connect to your mobile/smart phone – use the free downloadable app found here for Android and iOS
  • Connect to your personal desktop computer or Apple computer for even more monitoring flexibility
  • Oil Light/Service Reset: Support service lamp reset, Brake pad reset function, steering angle sensor calibration etc.
  • EPB: Opens and closes the brake pads, Reads and clears EPB/SBC trouble codes
  • Turns off the ECU & brake warning light, Diagnoses EPB/SBC caliper functionality
  • Resets brake pad thickness service

iCartsoft Product and Company Info:

iCarsoft current product inventory includes:
  • OBDII/EOBD Scanner
  • WIFI OBD Multi-scan Tool
  • Bluetooth Multi-scan Tool
  • Scanner for BMW/Mini
  • Scanner for Porsche
  • Scanner for VAG
  • Scanner for Benz/Smart
  • Scanner for Volvo/Saab
  • Scanner for Opel
  • Scanner for LandRover/Jaguar
  • Scanner for Ford/Holden
  • Scanner for GM
  • Scanner for Peugeot/Citroen
  • Scanner for Renault/Dacia
  • Scanner for Toyota/Isuzu
  • Scanner for Honda/Acura
  • Scanner for Mazda/Mitsubishi
  • Scanner for Nissan/Subaru
  • Scanner for Fiat/Alfa Romeo
  • Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool
  • Multi-Brand Vehicles CR Plus
  • JP Vehicles Scanner
  • EU Vehicles Scanner
  • US Vehicles Scanner

Downloadable Product Instructions and Updates:

Step 1: Please click the link below to download the iCarsoft updating tool.
iCarsoft  Updating Tool for Second Generation Product. 

Step2: Please download below updating instruction and follow it step by step.
Detailed instructions for Updating  

User Manual Downloading: Please click “
 download user manual “ text to download the user manual you need.

More links to user manuals and info sources:
  • User manuals -
  • Resource Info -
  • Software & Updates -

 iCarsoft Technology Inc. Official Websites:


Shop iCarsoft ECU Diagnostic Programmers and Tools - Now on Driver Mods

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Henry 03/22/17 04:08:03 AM

Was able to track down my problem without going to a mechanic. Ended up being my o2 sensor, which I replaced myself. Paid for itself with the first scan, and I am super happy with the quality.

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